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Let's get to know each other!

Over the years I've realized that it's incredibly important to have a connection between the client + photographer. In my opinion, it's no fun when we know nothing about each other and aren't able to banter back and forth and relate on some level or another. I love getting together with my clients prior to (or in the middle of) a session, whether it's a drink-drink or some coffee - I'm there!

the Kalypso to the Photography

For starters - yes, my name really is Kalypso! It was kind of a love for Jacques Cousteau + John Denver's tribute to him,"Aye Calyspo" along with a dash of Calypso Music that really brought it home for my dad...as always - mom went along with his crazy antics. At this point it probably goes without saying that we're kind of an eclectic family!

I was born and raised in rural Flagler County, Fl. and spent a handful of years in St. Augustine. My love - Roma, our bossy cat - Miss Dolly Parton, and I are currently rocking the tiny home life (talk about an adventure!). While it's been a fun ride and taught us a lot about ourselves, I think we're all ready to stretch our legs a bit! I'm extremely thankful for having grown up in Florida but I'm in need of a new view and some change. Over the years, North Carolina has been a reoccurring vacay spot and each time I leave a little bit more of my heart stays behind in those mountains. With any luck at all, by the end of the year we will have made our move, making those Blue Ridge Mountains our new home.

But don't worry Floridians, I'll still be working out of Florida for the next few years as I build my new clientele.


I am an avid lover of the great outdoors - camping, hiking, exploring, hammocks - I'm all about it! Music, of all kinds, is another one of my great loves. Put those two things together: the outdoors + music - and you've found my happy place! Usually you can find me at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park a few times a year - twirling, singing, craft-beer-in--hand, arms locked with my tribe - absolutely loving life. I'm a huge advocate for animals, of all shapes and sizes. We currently have somewhere around 30 animals on our property and little to no self control for turning away a friend in need.

I am a Pisces through and through - vivacious and empathetic - sometimes to the point of fault. I've watched every season of New Girl at least 10 times and I most likely couldn't survive without coffee. 

For those who are into Enneagrams - I am a solid 9 with a 9w1. Again, total Pisces!


Education + Style

I have always loved photographs. I can remember from a young age constantly breaking into my mom's big plastic tubs filled with old photographs and albums, (it used to drive her nuts!). Through the years I went through a polaroid camera, little point and shoots, tons of disposals, and old film cameras, including a 4x5 (the old school kind where you have to put a sheet over your head!) - before settling on my DSLR.


High School is when I really began to experience my passion for the art. I had every intention on going to college to be a Veterinarian - that is until I took my first photo class. I was attracted to all things Documentary and Editorial and also had a specific interest in war photography. With some much needed nudging from the great Mr. Beckett, I decided to further my education in Photographic Technology at Daytona State College (3rd in the nation at the time for this program) for the next 3 years . It would be here that I would swear to never shoot weddings, and also where my professors would laughed at that bold statement - knowing perfectly well what was ahead of me.

Cut to today - nearly 11 years and over a hundred weddings later - where I couldn't imagine NOT documenting love stories and the celebrations that surround them!

While the majority of my work is some kind of Portraiture, I implement some documentary/editorial style in there as well. I particularly enjoy documenting moments as they occur naturally rather than posing, so I use fun prompts and gentle guidance to draw out authentic reactions and emotions. While it's not always easy to balance the two - Photography remains both my means of income AND my passion in life. It's been a wild ride these last 10 years and I'm so excited for opportunities and adventures that lie ahead in the next 10!

Care to join me?