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That's what Kalypso Photography is here for - to be a home base for you, for your story. I'm here for the eclectic, the passionate, + adventurous - all traditions, free-spirits, + all couples. Photography is far more than just a "job" around here, it is a passion. Working with me, you'll experience stuff like using silly prompts to loosen you up, jumping up + down, making ridiculous faces + noises to make the baby laugh, having a get-to-know-you beer or coffee before a session, + crying with you on your wedding day.

It's so important to have a connection with your photographer, especially on your wedding day, to ensure everyone is comfortable and has a good time - so stick around, scroll through some photos and read about my style!

Like what you see? Send a message, even if it's just to say hey!

Happy Exploring!

xo, Kalypso

Welcome Home!


read for yourself!

"With a warm, kind hearted personality Kali was perfect. She captured our Wedding Day with images far superior than we expected. All the details big and small were captured for us to now look back in time and feel like we are there again. Her work speaks volumes."


—  Kimberly Rumor, Bride

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